Soon : Exceptionally Unexceptional

There’s light on the horizon. It seems (crosses everything, touches a lucky, wooden cat) that we might actually be able to go out and do ‘stuff’ again. And by ‘stuff’, I mean car shows. One of the shows we’ve enjoyed most in the last few years is Hagerty’s Festival of The Unexceptional. And as we’ve… Read more

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Festival Of The Unexceptional - LobsterDiecast

Places : Caffeine & Machine

Some places, through good social media, a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, having the right sort of petrol infused atmosphere or just being a really superb place to go, transcend many other automotive themed destination and become one of those places you just have to visit. A bit like Circuit Reims Gueux, Caffeine and Machine… Read more

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Solido – New Announcements for 2021

Its often the case that by the time a manufacturer announces their new release plans for the year ahead, we’ve a reasonable idea of what to expect. Sometimes though, there’s a couple of surprises lurking within, things that hadn’t been on our radar and that we weren’t expecting at all. And so it proves to… Read more

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Solido - New Diecast Models 2021 - LobsterDiecast

Norev – New Announcements for 2021

Normally, at this time of the year we’d have news from the Nuremberg Toy Fair, the place where manufacturers typically set out their ranges for the coming year. This year though, thats not happening. Well, not in January anyway. But it doesn’t mean that there aren’t new announcements, because there are. And on the back… Read more

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Norev New Diecast 2021

Corgi Vanguards 2021 New Announcements

So you like Ford models in 1:43, yes? Good, there’s a lot of them here… Actually, as much as Corgi’s new Vanguards product release details for 2021 is very, very heavy on classic Fords, there are some really nice models here. We would, obviously, have liked a bit more in the way of new castings… Read more

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Fast Forward – 2021 – Hopes and Dreams….

Last week, we wrote our annual ‘Rewind‘ blog and it was, I will readily admit, somewhat downbeat. But forgive us for that. 2020 has hardly been a vintage year with much to celebrate and we were, at the time of writing staring down the barrel of the fabled No Deal Brexit, which from where we… Read more

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Rewind – LobsterDiecast’s Review Of The Year

Every year, at about this point, we cast a look back over our shoulder and give the year about to depart a quick review before looking forward to the myriad possibilities which lay before us in the year to come. That’s a bit harder this year though, but nonetheless we’ll still do it but lets… Read more

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The Late Brake Show – A Life Of Cars

A few weeks back we were contacted by friend of LobsterDiecast, journalist, YouTuber and TV presenter, Jonny Smith. You see he’s got a new YouTube show – The Late Brake Show – which, amongst much else, features interviews with an assortment of the great and good from the motoring world. For Episode Two, Jonny was… Read more

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Not A Show Report – A Year Without Car Shows

In a normal year, which is to say, every other year that isn’t this one, we’ve brought you reports from some of the many and varied car shows we’ve attended or had a stand at. But we can’t do that this year for what is a very obvious reason to absolutely everyone. But we’ve got… Read more

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There Once Was A Mazda….

In the absence of any car shows and as we seem to be lacking much in the way of new diecast announcements to talk about, lets talk about cars. Specifically, lets rewind a couple of years and tell you about our Mazda 323F. The following is made up from articles originally published on our blog,… Read more

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Whats The Collective Noun For A Lot Of Renault Twingos?

It’s not often, in fact its incredibly rare that two manufacturers release the same model at pretty much the same time. Obviously having two different versions of essentially the same car does create a bit of a marketing issue. But for us, it also creates a nice opportunity to do a nice head to head… Read more

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LobsterDiecast - Norev Solido Twingo diecast model

#Afterwards. Part Four.

A great philosopher once said “I can cope with the despair, it’s the hope, it’s the hope that gets me”. OK, so John Cleese’s character, Brian Stimson in the film Clockwise might not be a great philosopher, though you may care to disagree, but the sentiment expressed is undoubtedly correct. But we all need hope,… Read more

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