The Late Brake Show – A Life Of Cars

November 08th 2020

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A few weeks back we were contacted by friend of LobsterDiecast, journalist, YouTuber and TV presenter, Jonny Smith. You see he’s got a new YouTube show – The Late Brake Show – which, amongst much else, features interviews with an assortment of the great and good from the motoring world.

For Episode Two, Jonny was to be interviewing Chris Harris and wondered if we could find a couple of model cars that might appeal. Now first of all, we aren’t going to tell you here what the models were – you’ll need to watch to find out – but select a couple we did and we were pretty pleased with the results.

The show itself is split into two parts, and despite our obvious bias having played a very small part in it, its genuinely one of the most ‘must watch’ things we’ve seen all year both on YouTube and TV in general. It’s a properly insightful, revealing interview but also genuinely entertaining and feel good telly. So get yourself somewhere quiet for an hour and enjoy.

And if you want to own the model that Chris chose, well you can still buy one as at the time of writing they are still available in our store! But you’ll need to watch to find out what it is!

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