Show Reports – Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show

November 16th 2021

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NEC Classic Motor Show 2021

Second week of November. There’s only really one thing on the mind of much of the UKs classic car community. The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show With Discovery+, to give it its full, if rather wordy, title held at the NEC in Birmingham is traditionally the season finale for the UK’s classic car community. And so it was in 2021 although obviously its been a somewhat untraditional season.

After missing 2020 when the show was cancelled, the main feeling on arrival was just one of ‘it’s good to be back’. Much like Festival Of The Unexceptional back in July, the return to normal and being able to get out and about was a massive boost. And for us, after ten years or so of trading at the NEC, it was really good to be back, albeit in a slightly different way. Because after having spent the last ten years or thereabouts at the show we’ve never actually seen much of the show, marooned as we were on 60sqm of trade stand for the weekend, only catching fleeting glimpses of the show on trips to toilets and car parks. So 2021 would be different – no trade stand at the show but with one of our own cars on display on the Renault Classic Car Club stand and four days worth of passes for the show, finally I could have a proper look around and the chance to talk to people. Excited really wasn’t the word!

And I wasn’t disappointed. A great selection of cars spread across the NECs many halls with everything from Ferrari F40 to Polski Fiat on show. But more than just the cars, its the people that make it what it is. Being able to have time to meet and catch up with people was great and really gave me a proper lift, something we all probably need after the last two years.

But anyway, cars. Pictures of…

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