Corgi Vanguards 2021 New Announcements

January 09th 2021

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So you like Ford models in 1:43, yes? Good, there’s a lot of them here…

Actually, as much as Corgi’s new Vanguards product release details for 2021 is very, very heavy on classic Fords, there are some really nice models here. We would, obviously, have liked a bit more in the way of new castings (where oh where is the Mk2 Fiesta, late none RS Escort or Mk1 Focus?) but the fact is that classic Ford 1:43s will, on the whole, be popular and ultimately as a manufacturer, and also as a retailer you both make and stock what you know you can sell and given the size of the market, a Mk2 Escort RS2000 will always sell. So that there’s a lot of Fords in the new release schedule shouldn’t really come as a great surprise and if the hopeful success of 2021s releases mean that 2022 and beyond might allow some more new castings, well that’s great. Although I really still don’t imagine we’ll be getting a Vanguards Austin Montego despite being asked on a regular basis.

So here we have it, this is what you can expect over the coming twelve months from Corgi and you can check out our current Corgi stock, here.

Ford RS Cosworth Collection – 3 Car Set
1970s Ford RS Collection – 3 Car Set
Triumph Topless Collection – 3 Car Set

Ford Lotus Cortina Mk2 Amber Gold Colin Chapman
Ford Lotus Cortina Mk2
Ford Escort Mk1 RS2000 Daytona Yellow
Triumph Stag Mk2 Signal Red
Ford Cortina Mk3 200GT Marine Blue
Ford Cortina Mk3 GXL Onyx Green
Ford Capri Mk3 3 S Graphite Grey
Ford Capri Mk3 2 S Colbalt Blue
Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth Diamond White
Ford Cortina Mk4 Orange
Ford Granada Mk2 2.8i Ghia Apollo Green
Ford Escort Mk2 1 3 Ghia Green
Ford Escort Mk2 RS Mexico Black
Ford Capri Mk1 3000E Silver Fox
Jaguar XJ6 Series 2 4p2Litre Strathclyde Police
Ford Escort Mk4 RS Turbo Black
Ford Escort Mk4 XR3i 90 Spec Radiant Red
Triumph TR6 Magenta
Ford Escort RS Cosworth – Diamond White
Ford RS2000
RS2000 X Pack, Venetian Red

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