Rewind – LobsterDiecast’s Review Of The Year

December 13th 2021

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And so to mid December, and our traditional look back at the year about to depart and nervous glance forward at the year stretching out in front of us. More on that later, but first, a 2021 retrospective.

If we thought 2020 was bad, and by heck it was, then 2021 was worse. The combined effects of Covid and Brexit meant release dates for new diecasts got pushed back and back again whilst what new arrivals there were invariably came with an added price rise attached. That’s not to say there weren’t some bright spots – the continued success of the Solido 1:18 range was good news and it was one of few ranges that continued to bring new products out throughout 2021, and new products that invariably sold out pretty quickly too! Norev was, as it always is, popular although new arrivals tended to be somewhat more sporadic with European retailers receiving stock far in advance of those on this fair isle but what we have had meets the usual high standards we’ve come to expect!

Normally at this point, we’d be able to tell you about some of the car shows we’ve been to and people we’ve met, but for the second year running, none of that happened. 2022? Hopefully… Whilst some car shows did take place in 2021, the ever present threat of cancellations, restrictions and lockdowns meant that having to commit several months in advance wasn’t really viable. That said, we did manage to get to a few shows in a personal capacity (as opposed to having a trade stand that is) and Festival Of The Unexceptional and the Classic Motor Show were both excellent and really gave us the lift we needed after what has been a challenging year. That and it was just nice to be able to go to shows, look at cars and talk to people.

Brexit gave us not only increased prices but also made us uncompetitive against our European competitors with EU based customers suddenly hit with extra costs for buying from UK based sellers which they wouldn’t be subjected to buying from sellers based in the EU. We thought this was the likely direction of travel and even mentioned it last year so we could at least prepare a bit but even so, it hurt. You can guess the rest…

So what of 2022 then? There must be something bright on the horizon, a return to normality and everything getting back to how it should be? Well, maybe. Its early days but we have reason to think that 2022 might just be better. Or at least different.

In the grand scheme of things, and with the impact that Covid has had on so many people, what we do really doesn’t matter, we know that. But hopefully, through the medium of small cars we also do provide a certain slice of normal, a bit of pleasure in what isn’t a great time for anyone. We’d like to say Thank You to everyone who has supported us this year, to all our customers and everyone we’ve met. 2021 has been pretty awful, but with some good bits along the way. Lets hope for a better 2022.

Stay Safe.