Ottomobile New Announcements 2014

April 04th 2014

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More news reaching us from the Nuremberg Toy Fair reveals some details of Ottos plans for 2014. We’ve never been disappointed with Otto subject matter and that which we have seen so far for this year looks pretty promising. Whilst this isn’t a complete list or release schedule so we can’t say when during 2014 they will be… with us, we do know that the following are all scheduled for release at some point this year.


Otto 1/18


Renault Dauphine Gordini
BMW E28 M535i
Citroen Dyane
SEAT Leon Cupra
Renault Espace Ph1
Peugeot 604Ti
Renault 17TS
BMW E30 M3
Renault 8S in Yellow
Ford Focus RS

Otto 1/12

Volkswagen Golf Mk1 GTi
Alpine A110

otto3 205otto1 1100 ti blue otto r5 red r8s 1 r21 st4