It’s very easy, what with everything in the world at the moment, to find yourself at the bottom of a very deep pit of despair.

We don’t want it to be that way.

We all need something to look forward to. Because things will get better. Not just back to normal, hopefully the new normal will be better. We’ve all got hopes, dreams and plans. You’ll have yours, we thought we’d tell you ours.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from current events its that the life we find ourselves in is fragile. You know the ‘One Life, Live It’ stickers you see on chequer-plate, muddy tyre wearing Land Rovers, well, they do have a point. Cherish those people who matter to you, do things that make you happy and be a better person. And drive the car you want to drive.

Always wanted a classic? Make it happen. Old cars are cool. Simple as that. You don’t need to drive something boring yet practical when there’s so many appealing things you could drive. Fancy getting on track? Do it. Circuit driving, whether a track day or something more adventurous is one of the most enjoyable things you do with clothes on. Fancy running a series of cheap but entertaining older cars? No time like the present – in fact, we did it last year, running a 2001 Mazda 323F Sport for a year and it was brilliant.

But the idea here is that we tell you what we want to do. So here’s where we start…

For the last few years my daily driver is a sensible, family car. It does what it needs to do. Its cheap to run. Its diesel. An estate. It is, I suppose, the right car for the right time. Its sensible shoes. But, in our new age of ‘One Life, Live It’ and all that, it needs to tick more boxes than just ‘sensible’

Because whilst sensible is good, sensible isn’t fun.


Which is a rather long winded way of saying that I’d really like a fast car. And specifically, a Hyundai i30N. Only because its a Hyundai its got a long warranty, it seats five so the smaller members of TeamLobster will be happy and it’s a practical proposition for everyday use.. If you follow us on twitter, our lust for the i30N isn’t going to be a shock but I reckon its pretty much perfect. Sensible enough for the sensible stuff but silly and loud enough for when you want to be well, silly and loud.

You see I like reasonably fast cars, this much should not come as a great shock. I don’t feel the need to terrify the local one way system and dominate the McDonalds car park, because, well I’m not as young as I once was. But a quick car is a very useful and enjoyable thing. But I don’t have to justify it. I just want one and that the i30N is decently quick, handles well and doesn’t shout about its abilities in the way that, say a bright Orange Focus ST does, makes it all the more appealing. In fact, in black it looks relatively low key and the ability to get around quickly without attracting unwanted attention in something that doesn’t stand out too much is a very good thing indeed. Plus, it also means it’s likely to be found in the place you last parked it when you return which is another very good thing.

At around £27k new they aren’t a hugely expensive car to start with. Still a bit rich for our blood mind. But with used prices now dropping below £20k they start to make a lot more sense. And once we come out the other side of this thing they’ll be cheaper still. Given the generally excellent reviews the N has against its contemporaries, we reckon that its probably time, once this thing blows over at least, to stop dreaming and idly browsing AutoTrader and actually save up and do it….

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