Show Reports – Motors By The Moat, Leeds Castle, Kent

May 15th 2018

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Variety, said someone, somewhere is the spice of life. Maybe when they said that it was because they’d been to a particularly good classic car show and seen a properly superb selection of all types, styles and tastes of motoring life. That’s pretty unlikely though given the phrase is as old as the hills. Or if not the hills, then maybe as old as Leeds Castle. Which brings us neatly around to the fact that last weekend we were at the aforementioned Leeds Castle for Motors By The Moat.

The castle itself, as we told you last year was once home to rotund monarch Henry VIII. And whilst these days you won’t find the heads of former spouses rolling around in the very attractive castle and gardens, you will find (on the second weekend of May) a superb classic car show.

For 2018, alongside classic cars of all tastes, eras and styles was a superb stunt show which included a Nissan Juke driving up towards the castle on two wheels which probably wasn’t something that old Henry would have been expecting at all. Despite some rather ‘British’ weather on the Saturday (yes, it rained), Sunday was an altogether sunnier day and despite the less than perfect weather both days saw exhibitors and visitors alike filling the grounds and enjoying the day. And they were’t the only ones as it is honestly one of the shows we enjoy being at the most!

We’d just like to thank everyone we met over the weekend as well as all the staff at Leeds Castle who put on a superb event. See you back there in 2019!

In the meantime, theres more pictures (and a video!!) over on our facebook page.

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