Special Purchase Bargains – New Arrivals Due Soon

September 13th 2017

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Special Purchase Bargains

Special Purchase Bargains is (as we’re sure you probably know…) the term by which we know our partwork release models. Whats a partwork release you ask? Well, a partwork series normally feature a series of models with a common theme be it types of car, cars from a certain age or county, commercial vehicles or even buses. Massively popular in Europe, each series typically sees a new release every couple of weeks with a new model and normally a magazine to go with it though sadly we seldom see the magazines.

The partwork models are usually a variant of a model from a major manufacturers standard range but at a massively discounted price against the price of the ‘normal’ release. Thats why we call them bargains y’see.

Over the next week or two it looks as though there will be rather a lot of new arrivals in the genre with a couple of notable new series landing in our warehouse.

First up is ‘La Saga Gordini’ which chronicles the many and varied cars raced, prepared or marketed with the name of Amedee Gordini. So you can expect plenty of hot 60’s / ’70’s Renaults with the odd Fiat or two plus a selection of classic Le Mans and F1 cars. We’re pretty excited by this new range and look forward to having it arrive!

Next up is more of the ‘Petits Utilitaires de Artisans et Commercants’ series. As you might have guessed – and as we already have some of this series in stock you might have seen them – it features a range of smaller Citroen commercial vehicles. This latest release brings new variants of 2CV, H van and C35 commercials whilst also adding a C15 van and new Mehari versions amongst others.

Following that is ‘Best of British Police Cars’ The title tells you pretty much all you need to know but think of a popular classic Police car anywhere from Anglia to Astra and its probably included.

Want more? The Chevrolet Collection hails from South America and features a range of Chevys from that part of the world. The first of these are now in stock with more due to arrive over the coming weeks.

We’ll be adding these to the store as soon as they arrive. And if you want to check out some other recent partwork releases then click here to see all our stock. Recent releases include BTCC racers, Eastern European cars, tractors, buses, classic cars and much more besides!

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