Ever wondered why we do what we do?

June 14th 2017

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Motoring Podcast Rear View

We like a good podcast here at LobsterDiecast Towers. And as we like cars, we’re big fans of Motoring Podcast – a weekly motoring news show with the latest news and events from the motoring universe.
Alongside the excellent weekly news show runs a sister show, Rear View. Each week Rear View talks to people from around the motoring universe to uncover why they do what they do, what made them do it and what they love about the motoring world in 2017.
A few weeks ago, we were honoured to be invited on Rear View to talk about what LobsterDiecast is, does and why we absolutely love what we do. So if you’d like to know a bit more about us, why we do it and what we think about customer service, whether Hotwheels cars are a gateway into something much more and a bit of our automotive obsession then have a listen!
You can check out our episode here and if you want to find out more about Motoring Podcast, download and subscribe to their excellent podcasts then have a look at their site here. You can also download ‘our’ episode via iTunes, Stitcher or any Podcasting service of your choice!

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