Voitures de Mon Pere – New 1/43 partwork range in stock!

October 27th 2016

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La Voiture de Mon Pere - LObsterDiecast

For those of you with a particular interest in classic French cars, you might well have come across the book series ‘Voitures de Mon Pere’ Originally each book gave a highly detailed history of its particular car and was a fantastic read.
Then, along came Editions Atlas who reprinted a slimmed down version of the books and bundled them with a matching diecast model of the car featured and created a very pleasing partwork series. As you would expect the subject matter is almost exclusively French and sadly by the time they reach our shores the booklets have sadly been removed but that notwithstanding they are still fantastic models and offer great value for money at only £13.99 each.

You can find them (and all our other partwork releases) by clicking here!

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