Voitures Francais D’Autrefois – New 1:43 range – Now In Stock!

August 21st 2015

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Voitures Francais D'Autrefois - New 1:43 range due next week

Back in store now is another partwork series featuring classic French cars. ‘Voitures Francais D’Autrefois’ features a series of 1:43 scale classic cars by manufacturers such as Delage, Panhard, Voisin, Simca, Bugatti and Rosengart.

The series mainly concentrates on the period from the 1930s to mid 1970s although there is the is the odd diversion into later years with cars from Hommel, Venturi, Matra and Mega all included in the list.

As with all our ex partwork models, they all come in clear plastic display cases and are incredible value given that they are priced at a fraction of similar models from  the manufacturer standard range.

You can find them on by clicking here!

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