Solido 1:18 New Announcements Preview

May 26th 2015

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Back at the International Toy Fair in January it was announced that whilst current owners the Simba Dickie Group would retain ownership of the Solido brand, OttoMobile had taken control of managing and developing the range over the next ten years. And as far as we at LobsterDiecast are concerned this is great news!

To rewind the story a bit first though. Several years ago we used to sell massive quantities of the Solido range as the quality was good and the price was great. Perhaps the price was too great as Solido ultimately couldn’t survive and were acquired by their present owners. Sadly the range was reduced and prices increased dramatically with the resultant drop off in sales.

Now that all appears about to change though as under the control of the guys from Ottomobile, Solido is back! This week we’ve had images of the first proposed releases – Renault 4 GTL Clan, Citroen Dyane and Volkswagen Golf Mk1 5dr and we like what we see. They aren’t due to hit the shelves until late December / early January 2016 and whilst we can’t confirm prices at this stage, we expect a price of around £35-£40 which in this day and age seems rather good value for a 1:18 model!

We’ll bring you more details nearer the time as we are still over six months from them arriving at LobsterDiecast yet but we think these will be very popular indeed!

Solido 1/18 2015 2016 releases Solido Dyane Beige 2 Solido Dyane Blue 1 Solido Dyane Blue 2 Solido Golf 1 Yellow Solido Golf 2 Yellow Solido Golf green 1 Solido Golf green 2 Solido R4 GTL 1 Solido R4 GTL 2 Solido R4 GTL Blue 1

Solido R4 GTL Blue 2, 4l, clan,

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