Special Purchase Bargains – New items due soon!

January 22nd 2015

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James Bond Sherpa van

As you probably know, Special Purchase bargains is the name we give to all our ex magazine partwork models at LobsterDiecast. Produced as part of a series, these models offer superb value as they are normally a fraction of the price of the similar model produced for the manufacturers own range.

We’ve got plenty in stock at present (and if you visit our Special Purchase Bargains category on this link you’ll find them) but over the next week or two we’ve got some more due in.

First up is the Citroen 2CV Collection which as you might have guessed features a range of Citroen 2CVs in its many and various guises. These should arrive next week. During Early February we’re also expecting some new additions as well as restocks to the Opel Collection, featuring a range of classic and modern Opels in 1:43 scale. As if that wasn’t enough we’ve also got more of the very popular and currently sold out James Bond 1:43 Collection plus a new 1:76 classic bus collection and slightly further away, a range of 1:43 scale vans and trucks.

If that wasn’t enough, over in our ebay store we currently have a range of 1:24 scale motorbikes plus there are more due later in the year but we’ll tell you about them nearer the time!

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